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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Evolving On Etsy and A Quiltsy Giveaway

When I opened my Etsy shop I didn't know how to make good photos. I opened with an inventory of tea cozies, fabric postcards and burp cloths. The pics of the burp cloths were horrible. I'm surprised I even sold any. The pics of the postcards were OK, since I just scanned them into the computer and cropped them

My photos are much improved since the kids gave me a camera about three years ago. It took me a little while to learn how to edit them, but now they look pretty good. See My Etsy Shop to the right.

My shop has evolved over the past two-three years. I started making hooded towel sets that include two burp cloths and a couple of washcloths like the one you see below. They have been a good addition to my shop.

I've had more sales this past year than in previous years. That is due in part to a wonderful group of people called Quiltsy Team.  As members of Quiltsy, we support each other and help promote each other's shops.

Quiltsy is a team of quilters/sewers who make a variety of quilted and sewn items to sell on Etsy. From business card holders to king size quilts, there's something for everyone. Quiltsy members are so talented and we have several members who have been published and others who are award winning quilters. If you want something created with quilting or sewing, someone on the team can most likely do it for you. Many Quiltsy members love a challenge and take custom orders. The name Quiltsy is synonymous with quality.

Here's the fun part! This week Quiltsy is having a Giveaway Contest, the 15th-21st. See the button at the top right. That will take you to the team blog where you'll see how to enter. (or click here ) The prizes total $500. Prizes include a $100 gift card as well as many items handmade by Quiltsy members.

Take a few minutes to enter and check out the Quiltsy shops while you're at it. I hope you win something!!

Have a great day!


  1. Quiltsy really is the BEST team at etsy! Thanks for such a nice write-up.

  2. Love your photo's and I love the Quiltsy team also!


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