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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Last Chance To Win!

The Giveaway
Today is the last day of the Quiltsy Giveaway!! The contest ends at midnight Central time. Don't miss your chance to win some great handmade items and get a good start on your Christmas gift list! You don't have to purchase anything or be a quilter or know how to sew to enter this contest. Below is a photo of some of the prizes you could win. Table runners, pot holders, make-up pouches, card holders, e-reader covers, purses and more.

See the button at the top right? That will take you to the team blog where you'll see how to enter. (or click on The Giveaway ) The prizes total $500. Prizes include a $100 gift card as well as many items handmade by Quiltsy members.
Take a few minutes to enter and check out the Quiltsy shops while you're at it. I hope you win something!!

About Quiltsy
I stole this next part from a previous post : )
Quiltsy is a team of quilters/sewers who make a variety of quilted and sewn items to sell on Etsy. From business card holders to king size quilts, there's something for everyone. Quiltsy members are so talented and we have several members who have been published and others who are award winning quilters. If you want something created with quilting or sewing, someone on the team can most likely do it for you. Many Quiltsy members love a challenge and take custom orders. The name Quiltsy is synonymous with quality.

Quiltsy is not just a team who promote and support each other in our Etsy shops. For those who are comfortable with sharing their personal lives, we support each other in the ups and downs of daily life. Quiltsy members are always ready to help each other. If someone has a question there is usually another member who has the answer or knows where to find it.

When you visit the Quiltsy blog you'll find stories about activities we've been involved in, including donating the proceeds from the sale of a bra quilt, made by team members, to Breast Cancer Research. Come on over to the team blog and get to know Quiltsy Team.

When you shop on Etsy, I invite you to shop Quiltsy first. Just type quiltsyteam into the search bar on Etsy. : )

Have a great day!
P.S. You can also find Quiltsy here:


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