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Friday, May 21, 2010

Project Quilting Judges' Critiques

I received my critiques from Kim yesterday. I've never been judged before, so I was excited about this part of being in the Project Quilting Challenge. Here's what they said, along with Kim's comments.

Judge 1: Very nice. I would have liked to see a colored border to frame it. It looks kind of unfinished to me. 8.5 **Kim’s Comment*** I think the back you show in your etsy listing is fantastic – I like how you made it reversible so the buyer can choose – I think if this judge saw that she would think it looked finished - jmho

Judge 2: Lovely hand painted fabrics. A simple, but effective design. Some quilting in the white area would really add to the look. 6.5

Judge 3: I love your hand dyed fabrics, great shades! Having a white binding is unusual, and I think it works for this quilt. There is definitely a light, tropical feel to it, which is very pleasing. 6.75
Average Score: 7.25
I really appreciate their insight and hope to learn from these challenges. I sort of limited myself in what I could do with the binding. I challenged myself to use ALL of the fabrics we were allowed to use for this project. That left me with only white for the binding after doing what I wanted to do for the front and back.

I was back and forth about using a few of the leftover 3x5s in the binding...a little touch of color here and there as it went around the quilt. Then I decided to use those few colored pieces on the back across the top and bottom, seen in this photo. They sort of gave the design a stopping place. I guess that's why I should have used the this side for the front. I actually liked it better, but listened to someone else, who shall remain nameless : P, and used the more planned design for the front. I have since regretted that decision. Oh well, we live and learn, die and forget it all, as my dear MIL used to say. : )

Can't wait to see what the next challenge will be! I'm hoping to be a little more imaginative with my next entry. : )
You can see Tropical Rainbow in my Etsy shop where it is now for sale.

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